Product ID: IPex12 Datalogger.

Category: IP controller.

Description: Outdoor high performance datalogger and controller device for remote control and monitoring. Low power consumption to operate with battery and solar panel. Wide range of I/O and communication ports. Configuration with serial port via AT commands.


5 digital outputs for triggering latch valves from 6V/12V
4 digital inputs potential-free contact for counter (up to 10Hz)
2 analog inputs for PT100/PT1000 sensors
8 analog inputs (current and voltage) with adjustable gain.
1 additional digital output with Relay (included).
1 additional digital input for general purpose.

1xRS232, 1xSDI-12, 1xUSB Host, 1xIPexBUS cable
Compatible with wireless modules (3G,RF, LoRA, Sigfox)