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OdinS has provided a solution for the monitoring and control of irrigation, nutrition and climate in different types of hydroponic greenhouses, highlighting the greenhouse varieties with water cycle in closed ecological system especially the hydroponic greenhouses in closed container.

The monitored parameters for this type of systems are temperature, relative humidity, radiation and CO2 level. The control system complexity will be higher or lower according to the greenhouse variety, it can be a modular or scalable system.

The most obvious achievement is located at University of Murcia facilities, where a climate control by temperature and humidity is carried out with slats, screen shade, windows and a geothermal system which works as a heat exchanger through geothermal wells that allow heating or cooling the greenhouse interior according to the environmental conditions. Time determinates the irrigation schedule and there is not a compost control (nutrition).

Furthermore, in Santomera we can find another hydroponic greenhouse implemented where a complete control of nutrition is done, a climate with 13 climatic variabilities and smart irrigation system. In this case, the water cycle is closed, disinfected and purified assuming a high efficiency system in water consumption.

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IPex16 Datalogger

CexLab Datalogger

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