Product ID: CityExplorer

Category: Software Platform


The main feature of CityExplorer software is its ability to manage from a small installation to a distributed network of geographically distant installations. In addition, the system is expandable and reconfigurable, adding new control modules and automation of infrastructures and industrial processes.

The CityExplorer platform allows access and multiuser web technology, which provides a database, efficient and secure management of communications with control units and monitored devices, and a friendly and accessible interface from any authorized Internet point through software client or web browser. CityExplorer integrates a very easy-to-use editor that lets you configure an installation in a very intuitive way.

City explorer allows an easy exploration of information by navigating zones or rooms of each of the facilities. Users can access City explorer through an Internet browser completely independent of the operating system (Windows, MacOSX and Linux).

The configuration of inputs and outputs of dataloggers and controllers is done directly from City explorer, using simple dialog boxes, without having to program the controller in situ.

In addition, with City explorer and the different intelligent software modules we can carry out both advanced control actions (based on input and output states, timings, etc.) and control of a complex installation. All without having to write a single line of programming.

City explorer has numerous software modules based on communication protocols with other intelligent devices (fire and theft, AA, generators, consumption meters, etc.) that allow you to interact with them. If the module you need is not available, contact us for the development of a new module tailored to your needs.

Once configured, the graphical environment of CityExplorador manages all the installed devices, it allows the consultation of incidents and faults that can happen in the installations, and gives the possibility of visualization of all type of histories and exporting reports.

City explorer allows you to quickly and intuitively design different configurations, adding images and plans on which the different elements of the system (sensors, intelligent modules, etc.) will be placed together by arrows. In this way, and similarly to how a flow chart is made, we can perform complex control and monitoring actions in a hierarchy of screens.


Main features:

  • A single web application to monitor and control thousands of dataloggers in different places and different clients.
  • It can handle from 1 control point, to a wide network of thousands of control units with their associated sensors
  • Easy access based on a multiuser and secure web technology to establish permissions to access, view and modify users
  • It allows the user an easy management through the navigation by planes of each one of the monitored and controlled facilities
  • Quick access to facilities by simple listing and favorites selection
  • Allow adding aesthetic improvement with plans and objects in 3D as if it were real that allows an intuitive use, being gratifying for the user
  • Generate report in Excel and PDF with tables and graphs of stored histories
  • Mobile app (Android) to receive and manage alerts for the administrator, extendable for the rest of final clients
  • Remote control of all outputs and actuators connected to dataloggers
  • Security in communications to prevent malicious hacker actions
  • Urgent SMS and email notification to report alerts and malfunctions
  • Intuitive interface for non-computer users who can easily install and configure devices
  • Access the application from anywhere with Internet connection and from any mobile device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone)