Product ID: CountryExplorer

Category: Software Platform


The CountryExplorer platform is flexible (for extensions and scenario change), easy to configure and easy to use. It is a SCADA with access and multiuser web technology that provides a database, as well as an efficient and secure management of communications with the remote units monitored.

Several users can be simultaneously connected to CountryExplorer through their computer, tablet or Smartphone through a friendly interface and accessible from any authorized point of the Internet through a client software and web browser. In addition, Country explorer includes several software modules to be able to carry out varied actions of control like the hydrant management, control of greenhouses and automation of industrial processes.

Once configured, the graphical environment of the browser allows you to manage all the installed devices, check the incidents and faults that may occur in the installations, and gives the possibility to view all kinds of historical. Country Explorer allows you to quickly and intuitively design different configurations, by means of a customized system adding images / planes on which we will put the different elements of the system (sensors, intelligent modules, etc.). In this way, we can create complex control and monitoring actions in a hierarchy of planes.

CountryExplorer incorporates geographic maps for the visualization and exploration of remote units in the field. The platform allows to connect the entire range of dataloggers and controllers, allowing a joint integration of facilities as diverse as greenhouses and large areas of crops.

CountryExplorer also has the necessary interfaces to exchange information with other applications, allowing exchange of control orders and sensory information with other systems.