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The management system provided by OdinS allows the monitoring and control of outdoor lighting from a computer, tablet or smartphone. The system enables to manage the lighting and gain control over areas, timings and dates to detect faults and to control environmental parameters. This technology based on low power consumption devices includes a self-regulation system of the light intensity that  is able to detect the presence of nearby objects. The results obtained are as follows:
  • Greater power saving (up to 90%)
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improved maintenance by detecting street light faults
  • Increase in streetlight lifetime as full operation is limited when there is presence of people or vehicles
  • Reduction of light pollution in parks and green spaces.
  • Increase traffic safety because there is no need to turn completely off street lamps, this prevents theft and accidents.
  • More information on pollution (CO2, dust, noise, etc.) to make decisions for the benefit of social and environmental issues.
Implementation examples as OdinS remote control equipment, called MexST, are already improving the lighting efficiency in Espinardo and Lorca cities. The main objective of this technology is the reduction of power consumption and CO2 emissions (within the framework of objectives in the EU 20-20-20).

Products Used

IPex04 Datalogger



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