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OdinS has developed an application based on the FIWARE platform for the monitoring and remote control of public utilities of  Murcia City that was used as prototype demo to apply for a fund request of Smart Cities to RED.ES. Real-time data (RTD) is provided by the application and information from sensors and devices located in the city (lighting, parking, pollution, etc.) is collected.

In the map provided by the application, the devices icons appear on the geographical locations where are installed and show the available information by clicking on it. Information monitored in different parts of the city can be consulted: incidents reported by citizens in a mobile application that enable uploading photos and information about problem detected in a certain urban area; temperature and humidity sensors in public buildings;  power consumption measurement in buildings; energy generation measurement of solar panels and other renewable sources; traffic density control system;  parking spaces (free and occupied); tram monitoring; street lamp and public lighting monitoring, etc.

The purpose of this initiative is to use all previous information about urban services offered in Murcia city to provide a simple application that allows resources management by the local authority to the citizens benefit.

Products Used

IPex04 Datalogger

IPex16 Datalogger



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