Tele-management of luminaires

Product ID: Tele-management of luminaries


Main features:

  • Point-to-point control
  • Communication via radio
  • More radio distance greater than 1km with direct vision and without interference with Wifi
  • 1-10V regulation that allows 0-100% control of light intensity
  • Possibility of disconnection / complete connection of the lamp
  • Possibility of including presence sensor
  • Control of up to 50 luminaires per node
  • Possibility of monitoring and control of electricity consumption per node
  • Possibility of communication by 3G
  • It allows to have the PC-Server in any place with Internet connection
  • Using maps and areas with 2D or 3D images
  • Real location of equipment
  • Side alerts panel for quick access to the fault location
  • Alerts by SMS, App-Android, Email, etc

KIT Equipment

Central controller in electrical panel: IPex04, IPex3G and Power Meter.

Individual controller in each street lamp: MexST.

Software: City explorer