Telemonitoring of crops

Product ID: Telemonitoring of Crops


Main features:

  • Measurement of multiple crop parameters: temperature, humidity, conductivity, etc.
  • Possibility of automating irrigation and activation of water valves
  • Installation in horizontal in soil or vertical in pole
  • Valid for both indoor and outdoor greenhouses
  • Coverage ranges over 1 km with direct viewing
  • Protects against rain and sun
  • Converts measured parameters to information that is sent over a wireless radio
  • Possibility of feeding from the plant itself
  • Possibility of connection with analog sensors. Configurable measurement ranges
  • Using planes and zones with 2D or 3D images
  • Real location of equipment
  • Side panel for quick access to the actual location of alerts
  • Side alerts panel for quick access to the fault location
  • Alerts by SMS, Mobile App, Email, etc.

KIT Equipment

Devices: Agriculture sensors wired to Mex06 with wireless communication with IPex12 controller.

Software: Country explorer