Telemonitoring of fire stations

Product ID: Telemonitoring fire stations


Main features:

  • Integrated system with a large variety of fire protection systems on the market
  • Supported features depend on the central model: Element Status, Reset, Buzzer Mute, Siren Shoot (Global), Mute Siren (Global), (Off) Enable Modules
  • Different communication protocols
  • DIN Rail Mounting
  • IP communication via Ethernet
  • Possibility of communication by 3G
  • It allows to have the PC-Server in any place with Internet connection
  • Possibility of feeding from the plant itself
  • Using maps and areas with 2D or 3D images
  • Real location of equipment
  • Ability to attend remote alerts
  • Remote control of the control unit (Available in certain models of control panel)
  • Side panel for quick access to the actual location of alerts
  • Alert history log
  • Generating alert reports

KIT Equipment

Devices: Electrical panel with IPex04 and IPex3G (if there is no Internet)

Software: City explorer