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OdinS implemented its Country Explore monitoring system for crops at Finca Las Tiesas(LT) (50 ha) located in northwest of Albacete city and also at Finca Casa del Pozo (CDP) (32 ha ) located in northeast (SIGPAC, 2013). The water footprint assessment of barley crops provides the information required to reduce water consumption in irrigation and produce high quality beer.

Two soil samples were collected in two land plots selected from Las Tiesas and Casa del Pozo properties in two phases of the analysis/control (07/02/2013, 07/30/2013) according to the sowing period (08/01/13 ) and barley harvest (July 2013). Country Explorer Platform was implemented and in charge of conducting the data monitoring sent by the agricultural sensors located at selected sampling areas. Thanks to the data collected the measure of the Optimized Water Footprint was conducted. The results in terms of water savings in each land plot referred to above were:

  • In Las Tiesas, savings of 420 cubic meter / hectare surplus water that corresponds to the 15.15% of the irrigation applied
  • In Casa del Pozo, saving of 1390 cubic meter / hectare, surplus water that  corresponds to 38.5% of irrigation applied

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