ARMOUR: Large scale experiments for Confidence and Security in IoT


The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly being deployed, requiring all the mechanisms and features of the Internet of the Future to be specially designated and tested / certified to meet the needs of wide range deployments under diverse conditions. In addition, Security, Privacy and Trust are essential criteria of IoT that can be a handicap for its deployment and the broad adoption of that technology.

Therefore, effective solutions are necessary to enable the testing and certification of large IoT deployments with special emphasis on Security, Privacy and Trust. There are companies in Europe that investigate about ​​Security and Trust of IoT Systems (especially SMEs) also Universities where are available technologies that have already been validated and work properly in laboratories and / or small-scale pilot projects.

ARMOUR is an H2020 European Project whose objective is to provide solutions that allow the occasional testing, test environment and certification of large-scale IoT deployments validating the Security, Privacy and Confidence of new deployments. For this purpose, the current FIRE testbeds equipping with suitable technologies that allow that experimental validation should be updated.

OdinS offers its products and solutions for the deployment of these testbeds, participating actively to achieve the three main objectives of the project as follows:

  • Improve FIRE testbeds with the solution package that ARMOUR proposes to ensure the security and confidence of long IoT deployments.
  • Propose methods and technologies that enable the testing and validation of long IoT deployments.
  • Delimit a framework that allows the design of safety and trusty IoT applications and sets the certification scheme for the configuration of safety and trusty IoT solutions.

This project has been funded under the H2020 framework program for research of the European Commission under grant agreement No 644852 for research, technological development and demonstration (PROTEUS).