Fed4IoT is a huge research project with these aims:

Multi-level IoT interoperability for smart-city, large-scale, cross-domain applications

To Integrate in a single framework a high volume of IoT devices of different vendors, different IoT platforms and information coming from different IoT domains, in order to support cross-domain smart city application development Support the evolution and the integration of mature interoperability solutions in Europe and Japan

To enforce, extend and integrate interoperability solutions deemed as promising in Europe and Japan, rather than proposing other possible interoperability standards Reduction of expenditure for large scale IoT deployments

To reduce the cost of deploying large scale IoT infrastructure, including cross-border ones, providing IoT infrastructure-as-a-service. Simplification of smart-city application development

To simplify the access to cross-domain information coming from IoT and other city sources A simple and programmable system for IoT application deployment Simplify the deployment of IoT applications exploiting IoT device-level and cloud virtualization technologies A market sustainable system The Fed4IoT system is based on a federated pool of resource and information. The system should properly rewards IoT resource providers federating their resources

Design of novel IoT Virtualization and multi-tenancy technologies Design of technologies for the emulation of IoT devices using real IoT devices and computing resources. Many IoT virtual devices can be based on the same real resources, which are however isolated form the user perspective (multi-tenancy).

And what’s the role of OdinS in this? Take a look to this video 😉