SIROCO: An Industrial Information System made out of Active Components using Internet of Things and Internet of the Services

The main objective of the project is to implement an open data interoperability IoT platform based on a modular structure to which all the components or products (active) of the entire productive process will be connected to exchange information and make decisions. All required interfaces will be implemented and the latest technology in communications will be used to connect all components to the platform. The complete information managed by the platform provides a deep knowledge about the productive process and in this way enables to make diverse optimizations through the implementation of different facilities in the platform.

SIROCO: Sistema de Información IndustrialTherefore, the aim is to take advantage of the facilities offered by the Internet of Things, the processing capabilities of new CPS devices and intelligent sensors to make use of new interoperability paradigms. For this purpose, it is proposed to show this new paradigm on an industrial process that allows enhancing the importance of a value chain that includes from the field to the factory in the case of beer production. The participants in this project are three companies from the Region of Murcia and also a Research Center. This consortium is led by ESTRELLA DE LEVANTE FÁBRICA DE CERVEZA, S.A.U., a large company dedicated to the beer production, packaging and distribution. Other companies involved are ODIN SOLUTIONS S.L. (Technological company with more than ten years dedicated to the design, development and implementation of products based on Internet of the Things for the monitoring and remote management of infrastructures) and TECNOLOGÍAS DIM S.L. (Technological company focused on research and technological development in the field of Communication and Information Technologies).

It will also participate the Intelligent Systems and Advanced Telematics Research Group of the Information Engineering and Communications Department of University of Murcia (UMU), Zerintia Technologies as a subcontractor, leading company in the development of technological solutions based on Wearable Technology, Internet of Things and Interagreisa SL as an intermediary company between ELESA, farmers and technical consultant in the crop cycle. SIROCO, ITC-20161215 project ID, has been funded by CDTI with support from Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness for the FEDER Innterconecta Program 2016.