SCICLO: ITS Cooperative Systems for Vulnerable Users in Two- Wheel Vehicles

In “ITS cooperative” architectures, communication networks allow on-board systems of vehicles to communicate with each other and with the infrastructure, generating new services such as emergency call e-Call, the cooperative collision avoidance and the alert notification. Cooperative ITS provide a perfect framework to cover the road safety area for vulnerable users.

SCICLO is a national DGT (National Department of Traffic) project whose main objective is the integration of the motorcycle mostly the bicycle and moped into the ITS communication networks specified by ISO / ETSI that is under development phase for conventional vehicles.

The use of IEEE 802.11p communication technology is essential to enable to send and receive data in a vehicular communication channel, this confirms the virtual circulation context where safety services and traffic efficiency can be launched.

For this project, OdinS contributes to design and implement an embedded communication system specially adapted for users of bicycles and mopeds. The communication middleware will support the IEEE 802.11e access and will integrate the standardization process as improvement and advance as well asa IPv6 communication for the information exchange with both other vehicles and the infrastructure, facilitating the users integration in the Internet of the future.