Walkie-Talkie: Vehicular Communication Systems to Enable Safer, Smarter, and Greener Transportation

The Walkie-Talkie project focuses mainly on the integration of the V2V, V2I and I2V communication systems for vehicle equipment with a set of smart utilities. They are aimed at safer, more intelligent and sustainable driving based on intelligent distribution and the management of textual and multimedia information.

This project presents two key points to be solved: the integration of technologies and protocols for V2V and V2I communications and the efficient distribution and intelligent management of local and global (V2V and I2V) driving information. These two aspects will be the basis on which a context-based architecture will be developed to provide intelligent transport systems. The project results will bring business opportunities to different entities involved in vehicle scenarios, ie manufacturers, telecommunications companies, service providers, governments and end users.

The areas initially explored by this project are road safety, intelligent information distribution, greener transportation, and digital entertainment.