EDISON: Emerging Dynamic Intelligence for Smart Cities based on the Internet of Things

EDISON is focus on an ambitious research for the in-depth analysis of the data generated by the intensive use of the IdC to facilitate the emergence of intelligence from the information collected of objects connected to the network. Therefore, the objectives is to be able to understand the hidden patterns in both individual and group human behavior to provide knowledge about the dynamics of a city for applications in the CI context. For this, the present project proposes the use of different techniques such as Soft Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining, and its integration within an IdC architecture based on data management including aspects as security and privacy.

Lastly, the developments obtained will be tested by prototypes focused on two application cases: one for mobility features of CI and another energy efficiency for smart buildings with which OdinS collaborates. EDISON’s main challenges can be achieved through several sub-objectives: integration of sensors and abstraction capabilities, deployment of secure sensors, individual intelligence and local reasoning, extraction of emerging knowledge, definition of learning and adaptation mechanisms, utilities focused in human dynamics, mechanisms for the control of user privacy and security, and the design and construction of an experimental platform.